Lesson 8

Text A Please Set the Table

Mrs Miller: I have to stay in the kitchen. I don't want the food to burn. Would you please set the table?
Mrs Miller:我必須呆在廚房,我可不想把東西燒焦。你能去擺好餐桌嗎?

Mary: Of course, Mother.

* * *

Mrs Miller: Did you put two forks with each plate?
Mrs Miller:你在每個盤子都配了兩把刀叉了嗎?

Mary: Yes, I did.

Mrs Miller: Are the salt and pepper shakers on the table?
Mrs Miller:鹽和胡椒瓶都放到桌子上了嗎?

Mary: Oh, no, they're not. I'll get them now.

Mrs Miller: Did you use the new glasses?
Mrs Miller:你是放了新的玻璃杯嗎?

Mary: Yes, I did.

Mrs Miller: Does the table look nice?
Mrs Miller:桌子看起來漂亮嗎?

Mary: I think so, Mother.

Mrs Miller: I hear the bell. Please open the door, Mary.
Mrs Miller:我聽到門鈴響了,請開門,Mary。

Text B Interesting Pictures

“Food really tastes good cooked over an open fire, ”Lloyd remarked as he took another bite of his hot dog.

“It sure does,” replied Fred.“I wish this weren't the last night of our camping trip, but school starts next week.”

A couple of days after returning home, Lloyd and Fred took the exposed film out of their camera and took it to the camera shop to be developed. They were told that the pictures would be ready Thursday. Thursday was just two days away. Fred and Lloyd could hardly wait to see how their pictures came out. They planned to show their pictures to everyone at school as soon as school was back in session.

Fred and Lloyd felt very pleased when they showed their teacher the pictures they had taken on their vacation. She said that they were some of the most interesting pictures she had seen.

? Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

Who Waits for Whom?

Mr and Mrs Allen go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. Mr Allen never enjoys these trips. Mrs Allen does the shopping and he sits in the car and waits for her. This morning there were a lot of people and it took Mrs Allen longer than usual. An hour went by and finally a man came up to Mr Allen. Excuse me, he said, is your name Allen? Your wife is waiting for you at the check-out counter. She doesn't have enough money for the groceries !


1. Would you please set the table? 在家有幫老媽擺過餐桌嗎,嘿嘿,這句可以試試哦。

2. at the check-out counter 在購物時經常會碰到的地方,付了錢才能走的,不然保安會攔住你滴。

3. School starts next week.? 開學的人傷不起啊,但遲早要來的事呢,現在9月多了,相比都已經適應校園生活了吧,但這句還是很有用的哈。