It’s been a decade since Rihanna and Chris Brown split, but RiRi is still a fan of his music.

The singer took to social media on Saturday to promote her Fenty Beauty products, but it was her song choice that raised eyebrows. The clip shows her Glossy Posse lip gloss products in a pool, soundtracked by Chris Brown’s H.E.R. collaboration “Come Together.”
這位歌手周六在社交媒體上推廣她的Fenty Beauty美妝產品,但她選的歌讓人大跌眼鏡。廣告中她的Glossy Posse唇彩放在泳池里,配樂是克里斯·布朗和她合唱的《Come Together》。


“Gang Gang. just me and my #GlossyPosse !!! @fentybeauty,” tweeted RiRi.
蕾哈娜在推特上寫道:“只有我和我的#GlossyPosse唇彩!!! @fentybeauty”。

Fans took to social media to voice their disapproval based on their troubled past (The couple split in 2009 after Brown physically assaulted Rihanna). “Years of an abusive relationship brought about by the man singing this song,” tweeted one user, while Rihanna reportedly blocked another fan for their comment.

But not everyone was mad. Others, including members of Team Breezy, shared their support for her Indigo song selection. “That’s why I love you!! I knew that u we’re not a person that carries bad memories from others,” wrote one fan.
但并非所有人都很生氣。其他人,包括Team Breezy的成員都聲援她選的歌曲。一個粉絲寫道:“這就是我喜歡你的原因!我知道我們都不是對往事念念不忘的人。”

It wasn’t long before Chris himself noticed the post and left a heart emoji in Rihanna’s comments. He also showed his approval by reposting the clip on Instagram Stories with the praying hands and smiling face with hearts emojis.
之后不久克里斯本人就看到了這個帖子,在蕾哈娜的評論區留了紅心的表情。他還在Instagram Stories上轉發這條廣告來表示支持,還配上了祈禱的手勢和帶有紅心表情的笑臉。