1.on the lease

【原句】Randy, we’re not on the lease to this apartment.?(S05E19)




on the lease?在租約上。這里lease noun [ C ]租約,租契。=a legal agreement in which you pay money in order to use a building, piece of land, vehicle, etc. for a period

on lease 根據契約;以租賃的方式。


He has the house on a long lease.


These machines are available only on lease.


2.preside over

【原句】Uh, no, but I presided over a food court or two in my day. (S05E20)




preside verb [ I ]主持(會議或儀式)。

preside at 主持(會議、儀式等)lead; be president of a ceremony or meeting, etc.

preside over 管理;對(某事物)負有責任 control or be responsible for sth


Who would be the best person to preside at/over the public enquiry?


She has presided over the district during a period of unprecedented growth.