1.cover in

【原句】She's usually not covered in this much sweat.?(S0520)




cover in vt.遮蓋住(填滿)。

cover verb[ T ]蓋上;覆蓋;遮蓋;遮蔽。= to put or spread something over something, or to lie on the surface of something

擴展cover yourself in/with glory功成名就;取得很大成功;贏得贊賞。= to be very successful and earn admiration


The bandages were covered with/in blood.


She covered him (up) with a blanket.


He didn't exactly cover himself with glory in his last job.


2.false alarm

【原句】Nope, it's cool, false alarm.?(S0520)




false alarm?noun [ C ]假警報;虛驚。= an occasion when people wrongly believe that something dangerous or unpleasant is happening or will happen

擴展false friend noun [ C ](另一語言中的某個詞的)形近異義詞,同形異義詞,同音異義字。= a word that is often confused with a word in another language with a different meaning because the two words look or sound similar


She thought she was pregnant, but it turned out to be a false alarm (= she was not).


The French word "actuellement" and the English word "actually" are false friends.

法語單詞 actuellement 和英語單詞 actually 是一對形近異義詞。